Yolanda - Reuven relationship  

I was born in Bucharest in July 7, 1973 in a mixed family (Jewish-Romanian). I graduated from the University of Bucharest - Geography - in 1996 and I became an intelligence officer. I decided to be an author after my trips in 50 countries and a bet.  I wrote 10 books about our extraterrestrial DNA and the need of a certain degree of religious reforms. 
I believe in God but I do not believe in Divine works. The Progressive Jews have this belief since the end of the eighteenth century. 
My unforgettable Muse and the love of my life was Major General Meir Dagan. I loved him since I saw him behind me in a hot evening on Hayarkon Street in Tel Aviv in 2013. Our love affair was short but very passionate. Such sex god was born to be madly adored.