Yolanda - Reuven relationship  

" I ran after her like a mad man in Tel Aviv." Reuven to a friend (2016) 

" The doll who made me man" Reuven to Yolanda (2016)

"How could you be so perfect?" Reuven to Yolanda (2013) 

The relationship between Yolanda and Reuven, also known as the Eternity Couple, refers to the partnership and relationship between Yolanda Wolf and Reuven Meir. 


Yolanda and Reuven met in Tel Aviv in 2005. He fell in love with her when he saw her naked in her hotel room with his surveillance camera.  He is married and a passive gay. She cured his vice and they became a couple after the death of his wife. Both are spies. She is a former Romanian spy and he is a Mossad General and executive. She is 32 years old and he is 60 years old. 
They grew apart when he disclosed his affiliation to the Satanist Organization. He asked her to marry him after a night of terrifying incidents and she refused. He left. But she continues to love him. Her refusal was a mistake. She loves him as Satanist or anything else. He is The One. 
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